A vision worth following

I have experienced in my own life and seen in others that submitting to another’s vision can be difficult. To give up your own ambition and desire for the future and submit to someone else’s vision, direction and authority is a sacrifice. Why would anyone in their right mind do it? What would possibly make such a sacrifice worthwhile?

The problem I see is that many people have huge dreams and huge vision for their lives. Many of these are based in fantasy and have little chance of coming to pass, but the dream is still a future reality in the imagination of the dreamer. Leaders, acting in practical wisdom, communicate a corporate vision that is attainable and based in reality. The unfortunate thing is that this corporate vision seems pale and insignificant in comparison to the individual’s fantasy. And when the two conflict, it is too much to sacrifice the fantasy for the vision.

As leaders, what then constitutes a vision worth following? I am a part of a church where I have very little hesitation to put my own vision aside in order to be a part of the church’s vision. This is because the church’s vision is so much greater than my own vision. I recognise that through this vision, more will be accomplished, more people will be helped and more of a lasting impact will be sustained than through my vision.

A vision worth following is one larger than that of the individual: one that capitalises on the power of working as a team, one that is based in reality but has room to explode, and one that will leave a significant impact on the world when the individuals involved are long forgotten. That is a vision worth following. That is a vision worth sacrificing my own agenda for. That which better utilises my gifts and makes me more effective in the here and now – the choice is already made!

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