There comes a time when life changes. It may be sudden, it may be something you saw coming a mile off. A change in employment, living circumstance, friendship… Dealing with change takes focus and energy, something you don’t always have to spare. The future is unknown – nothing is certain, nothing can be relied upon. The past is done – nothing can change it, as much as we might want to.

And so we linger. We hold back around the memory of what has been, as we gather our strength to process this change. We linger, trying to keep the known from passing into the realm of memory too quickly. We trust that which is known and hate to let it slip through our fingers. Yet we know we must. The past must not limit our ability to embrace the future; to transition into that which is unknown. It is the only way we grow, the only way we move forward; yet it is the road less traveled.

As we linger, we make the decision: to let the past become a fond memory or a stumbling block in the way of moving forward.

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