It’s been a while…

I haven’t written a blog for well over a year…bad me… Anyway, this is one of those surveys that was circulating a few months ago that insisted that you send it to your mum’s postman’s dog; but I felt like writing a bit about myself, so here it is. If you’re interested, read it, if not, save yourself a couple of minutes and go and do something more worthwhile right now!

Since I originally wrote this, some key details changed – notably that I gave Ciwi something sparkly for her finger. Heck yes!

So without further ado, 20 things about me…

1. I am viciously defensive about my church (Hillsong Church) when anyone criticises cos it’s MY church! (Ciwi agrees with this one!)
2. Although most people know me as someone who fixes their computers, I actually chose modern languages at uni rather than computer science for the primary reason that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life fixing other people’s computer crap! (Ironic that I do this both for my employment and for friends of friends of friends!)
3. I would fly halfway around the world to volunteer at Hillsong Conference if it came down to it.
4. I am engaged to a beautiful Norwegian girl called Siv Renathe, but everyone knows as Ciwi (she’ll kill me for using her real name!) who is 6 years younger than me – I’m in no danger of having a midlife crisis in 15 years time and running off with a hot young girlfriend because I’ll already have that!
5. Ciwi’s birthday is the day after mine, which is the followed by Christmas Day.
6. We’ve been together for 13 months but only spent six of those months together – so over the long distance relationship thing, but I think we did it really well. (She is BACK IN AUSTRALIA now!)
7. It really frustrates me when other people are late, yet I’m late myself all the time. (Ciwi is nodding in agreeance with this statement!)
8. I absolutely love languages, even though I don’t feel proficient in any other than English – I’m learning Dutch, write work emails in French, pick errors in German copy, layout books in Greek, understand a bit of spoken Spanish and play around with Norwegian.
9. I love grammar. I’m weird! Whenever I learn a language, I make a beeline for the grammar. I think it’s something to do with the genetic mix of my dad’s extreme scientific mind and my mum’s love for literature. Our family dinner times leave guests bewildered – we argue at the top of our lungs about grammar. We all know the proper usage of an apostrophe and lament its misuse in common English writing today.
10. I live with great friends, David and Kellie and their beautiful one year old daughter Milla – she is seriously the best behaved (and cutest!) baby ever – I have never been woken up my her, not even once!
11. I love Jesus but I drink a little. If you’re Norwegian and have a problem with that, I’m sorry… I like a nice Sauvignon Blanc (white wine for those unfamiliar with the French).
12. My family is truly international: there was a day not so long ago when I was in Sydney, my mum and brother were in Perth, my other brother was living in the UK, my sister was somewhere in Europe and my dad was in Malaysia. (Maybe I’ve got the specific countries wrong there, but I know we were 6 people in 5 different places!)
13. I am a High School Musical fan. I got hooked on it by a 5 year old and that was 18 months ago. In my opinion, there’s an HSM song for every occasion, even more so now that we have the third movie.
14. I drive a little Ford Festiva – when I have two passengers and am driving uphill, I get overtaken by a bus!
15. I like being a geek and knowing stuff about stuff!
16. I learned new stuff about my mum when I read her response to this quiz!
17. I’m a Mac fan (thanks to my boss!) and carry my laptop and iPod around with me most of the time.
18. Marco Borsato – even if you have no interest in Holland or the Dutch language, listen to this guy’s music – it is seriously amazing! It’s just an added bonus that most of the Dutch I have learned has been through learning this dude’s songs. Ik spreek geen Nederlands, alleen Marco Borsato! 🙂
19. Holland. I want to move there. Don’t ask why – I don’t get it either, but it’s what I want to do. P.S. Dutch is a really fun language to learn – you ought to try it sometime!
20. I don’t work for the church, but I spend my whole week (and I mean my WHOLE week!) working for Nick & Chris Caine at Equip & Empower, where everything we do is about building the local church globally, and more recently, we added the abolition of human trafficking to that list.

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