The joys of server troubles

Posted on July 2, 2009 by in General

Argh, so this blog was a casualty of some unforeseeable IT dramas over the last couple of days. My hosting company decided that my account would be much more comfortable on a new server and so without any warning, switched me over. Murphy’s law dictates that although the Internet should be fast and reliable and instant, a domain name such as mine ( is incapable of switching immediately. Even the usual 4-24 hour DNS propogation time would have been nice. But no… I was posting blogs on the old server, Facebook was reading the old server, and in the meantime, the hosting company were working off a week-old backup. So when the Internet caught up with the changes…

IT – I hate to love it and love to hate it! Why is it that I dread social interaction because I know it will inevitably lead to enduring the tale of someone’s current difficulties with their computer! I now know what doctors feel like at parties!

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