Migration: complete

Well, the migration is complete… This blog was started in 2005 under the name “pensées” (French for “thoughts”), but this weekend, I thought it was high time to migrate it from an ancient installation of b2evolution to the latest version of WordPress. One day, I will blog about how I achieved that, as it wasn’t a straightforward task.

In the migration, the blog also has a new name: “A Geek’s World”. I must tell you that I don’t regard the term “geek” to be an insult – it’s actually a wonderful reflection of my nature. As the tagline says – I love knowing stuff about stuff. One day it might be doing an intro course to the iPhone SDK to develop iPhone apps; another day it might be finding cheats for MarioKart on the Nintendo Wii, or musing about social phenomena observed at the local shopping centre (see future blog on buskers!).

Above all, when it comes to importance, is the fact that I am married to the most wonderful Norwegian woman, Ciwi, who keeps my feet and mind grounded in reality and gives me cause and motivation to try to break out of the typical social awkwardness that most geeks find themselves familiar with.

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