Tell me a story

I’m sitting in the recording studio right now listening to my friend construct a soundtrack to a video I’m making. The video is simple – just a series of statistics and other titles, but they tell a story: they paint a picture. And now, more than ever, I appreciate the role of a film composer. […]


People try to tell me to live a balanced life, but here are a couple of thoughts on balance. Firstly, most people regard balance as being mixture – getting a little bit of all extremes and finding some comfortable middle ground. Sorry – doesn’t interest me. If that means watering down something that I might […]

Fashionably late

I’m sitting in an old church on a Saturday morning waiting for a wedding to start. What is it with the bride always being late? Why is that the accepted norm? To be fair, the bride did arrive on time – she’s been waiting outside for some additional ‘special people’ to arrive. I would be […]


So Starbucks at Parramatta is closing down soon, and it would appear that the staff are having a bit of fun…

Acting upon a dream

You know what they say, ‘if you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time’ (i.e. nothing!). I was thinking of this in relation to dreams and desires today. I’ve come across people who don’t give themselves permission to dream or to think big. They wouldn’t put it as such, excusing themselves for being realistic. […]