Migration: complete

Well, the migration is complete… This blog was started in 2005 under the name “pensées” (French for “thoughts”), but this weekend, I thought it was high time to migrate it from an ancient installation of b2evolution to the latest version of WordPress. One day, I will blog about how I achieved that, as it wasn’t […]

The joys of server troubles

Posted on July 2, 2009 by in General

Argh, so this blog was a casualty of some unforeseeable IT dramas over the last couple of days. My hosting company decided that my account would be much more comfortable on a new server and so without any warning, switched me over. Murphy’s law dictates that although the Internet should be fast and reliable and […]


It sits there, mounted on white gold that encircles Ciwi’s finger. A stone renowned for its hardness, rarity and value. Apart from looking flipping amazing, what’s the big deal. Is it not just another piece of bling? So much of society, church and secular makes such a huge deal about this single piece of jewelry. […]

It’s been a while…

I haven’t written a blog for well over a year…bad me… Anyway, this is one of those surveys that was circulating a few months ago that insisted that you send it to your mum’s postman’s dog; but I felt like writing a bit about myself, so here it is. If you’re interested, read it, if […]

Tell me a story

I’m sitting in the recording studio right now listening to my friend construct a soundtrack to a video I’m making. The video is simple – just a series of statistics and other titles, but they tell a story: they paint a picture. And now, more than ever, I appreciate the role of a film composer. […]